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Why Ethical?


To many of us, our beloved pooch, kitty or bunny is the centre of our universe; we do everything we can to make them happy, comfortable and free from any form of sufferings. Yet, hundreds and thousands of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits and birds worldwide are treated as mere objects and commodities, made to endure cruel practices that we wouldn’t subject our pets to. The good news is that we can help them, simply by making kinder choices everytime we shop. 


animal-experimentation-rabbit-draize-eye-irritacy-tests.jpgEvery year, painful experiments are carried out on hundreds and thousands animals that include cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice etc. for our cosmetic and household products. This includes dripping harsh chemicals in the eye of constrained rabbits and tube-feeding chemicals into an animal to test for an ingredient’s toxicity. Many do not survive such experiments. 

With the availability of approved, reliable non-animal tests and the over-8,000 ingredients that are proven safe and effective to use, animal testing these days is unnecessary. A Europe-wide ban on animal testing has been implemented early 2013 and the import and sale of animal-tested cosmetics and household products is banned in Israel. More and more companies have ditched animal testing and are producing safe, effective and high quality beauty & cleaning products because consumers are more than ever aware and are committed to shopping consciously. As consumers, we have the power to make a difference to how companies (and even industries) conduct their businesses and we could choose to purchase products that no longer harm animals. 

Check out cruelty-free brand list here.

Click here to download our Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide: Your guide to pet care products in Singapore that are not tested on animals.


Adopt, don't buy.

The sale of animals from pet stores and farms, online and unethical breeders contributes to an overbreeding crisis resulting in millions of shelter animals killed every year worldwide simply because there aren’t enough good homes for them. By choosing to adopt an animal from your local shelters instead of purchasing one, you can save lives and help end the pet overpopulation crisis.  

There is a popular misconception that shelter animals are "damaged goods". In fact, most shelter animals are good, loving animals, and adopting a rescued animal can often be a rewarding experience! Read about the common misconception of shelter animals.

Open your hearts and homes to an animal in need today, click here to see a list of animal shelters with companion animals for adoption.

Fighting cruelty in breeding mills. 

Behind those irresistible eyes of a puppy or a kitten in the pet shop window can be a lifetime of hidden abuse and unimaginable misery. Most companion animals for sale in the market (pet stores, farms, online, newspaper ads, etc) today come from large commercial breeding mills (aka pet farms) where profit is given priority over the wellbeing of the animals. These facilities mass-produce companion animals for sale in substandard conditions – animals are treated like money-making breeding-machines, forced to breed and kept in cramped, deplorable environments and many of them are diseased and deprived of basic care such as proper nutrition, medical attention, exercise, companionship and socialisation. 

puppy-mills-1.jpg  puppymill10-1-.jpg  kitten-mill2.jpg  puppy-mills-5.jpg

Majority of pet owners – potential or existing ones alike – are against cruelty to animals, yet many are unknowingly buying into it when purchasing a companion animal. You can help stop the needless killings of shelter animals and the exploitative, cruel breeding mill industry by:

  • Choosing to adopt, don't buy
  • Educate and inform your family and friends on these issues
  • Report sub-standard pet store/farm condition to AVA/SPCA
  • Pledging not to shop at places selling live animals
  • Always spay/neuter your pet to prevent unwanted litters

Find out more about breeding mills in Singapore at SGpuppies.com.


While most of the time extraction of animal by-product and ingredients are not harmful, it indirectly supports industries that exploit animals (i.e. lanolin from wool, milk from dairy cows, factory farming, etc). In addition, it takes far more resources to obtain animal products than plant-based ones, thus putting a strain on our environment. There are currently many good and effective products in the market for both human and animals that are not made from animals and Bubbly Petz believes that if we could provide good pet products to our customers without compromising the well-being of other animals, why wouldn't we? 

PS: Research and care have been made in our product selection and all products are free of materials/ingredients from animal to the best of our knowledge. If you do realize animal ingredients/materials in any of our products please inform us at info@bubbly-petz.com.



“Out of all those millions and millions of planets floating around there in space, this is our planet, this is our little one,
so we just got to be aware of it and take care of it.”
 – Paul McCartney

Climate change, declining biodiversity, pollution are some but serious environmental issues our planet is facing today. As citizens of the world, each of us is responsible for the health of our planet. Through each choices and actions we make we can either contribute to the well-being or the deterioration of our environment. Luckily, "going green" does not have to be a dreadful task, among the many simple ways, you can choose to purchase eco-friendly products whenever possible. 

Tips for identifying eco-friendly products:

  • Products made of recyclable/recycled materials
  • Organic /Natural ingredients – Avoiding pesticides, chemical fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, and chemical preservatives is good for our animals and for our environment
  • Comes from sustainable sources
  • Durable products that last thus reducing waste


To us, being ethical means making choices and acting in ways that will best serve our pets' well-being. This includes how we treat them, the food we feed and even the products we choose to apply on them. Our pet grooming is done by groomers who have the welfare of our animal friends at heart, where comfort and safety are the utmost importance and we treat each and every pet with tons of love and patience. In addition, we only carry products that contain minimal to no harsh chemicals and vegetarian and vegan pet food that are hypoallergenic, complete and well-balanced. We want to make choosing what's best for your pets easier for you. 

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