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"Initially my concern for house-call grooming was that whether the home groomer will treat my doggie with care and not hurting her. After engaging Desmond, I’m surprised that he is very meticulous and patient with my doggie who does not like anyone to touch her face. Desmond is able to trim my doggie’s face so well that she looks so pretty like a lady. I will recommend his service because I have confidence in his skills and his dedication and passion in his work."

- Jane Lim, owner of Pepper 





"Concerns that I had before engaging Desmond was that there were not many groomers willing to make house calls and those that did were expensive. Upon engaging Desmond, I was pleasantly surprised by his genuine enthusiasm for his work, and very pleased with his warmth, his real affection for animals, and his tireless efforts in always trying to make things better for the pets and their owners. I will definitely recommend his service for all the above reasons and also because he doesn’t over-charge."

- Jasmine Miller, owner of Bronte and Boomer and many cats!





"Before engaging Bubbly Petz house-call pet grooming service, I was worried about groomers being incompetent and do a bad job as well as ones that may hurt my dogs. However, after engaging Desmond, I realized that he is friendly, caring and most importantly patient with my dogs, Candy and Apollo. I will definitely recommend Desmond for his good service and good grooming skills!"

- Nicole Han, owner of Candy (Shih Tzu) and Apollo (Golden Retriever)






"Meu Meu & Mafia enjoyed the home grooming experience. Desmond is very patient, experienced with dogs as well as generous in sharing tips on handling my furkids. I would recommend his service."

- Jamie Ng, owner of Meu Meu and Mafia






"Shantana and I are glad that you are the one who did the grooming today. Given his past experience, he cannot afford a bad one anymore. Thank you for giving him ample time to adapt. He must be feeling very handsome now :)"

- Madeline Lim, fosterer of Riccota, A rescued Mongrel





cymera-20140305-155531.jpg"I have a 9 kg silver tabby British Blue cat originally from Perth, Australia. When we arrived to Singapore he was very hot and bothered and I contacted Desmond for a quote and groom.

In short he is amazing. 
The Bubbly Petz website is easy to use, and Desmond was quick to respond to my query and thoroughly explained the services he could provide. Desmond spent time asking me questions about my cat and used handling techniques which clearly reduced anxiety – especially given this was my cats first bath in 6 years.
I like the way Bubbly Petz comes to you to ensure no cross contamination with other pets and left my bathroom clean and tidy.
We have just imported a Pomeranian and I’ll be booking Desmond in pronto.  He is amazing, competent and I’m telling all my friends.
Thanks Desmond – you are amazing."
- V. Milne



" My mum and I would like to thank you for such great job in grooming our pet dog, Bubble. My mum has been singing praises on your professionalism and your excellent grooming skills ever since we visited your shop last Sunday. She told me that it was a money well spent. Honestly, I have never seen her so satisfied with a dog groomer's service before! (My mum is quite a perfectionist to begin with and it is very rare for her to give praises.) 

Bubble is not just our pet, but a family member to us. One of the reason that I have decided to give your grooming service a try was partially because you have a dog of your own and I can see your love for animals from the pictures you uploaded on instagram. And I knew I was right when you handled Bubble with care. I have brought Bubble to different groomers and some of them has been extremely rough in handling dogs. It creates a fear in us that they are not able to take good care of Bubble even though it is a mere 1.5-2 hours grooming session, but now I know I can be at ease when I put Bubble at your place for grooming!

I was both surprised and impressed when you examined Bubble's current state of groom and explained to us professionally on how you were going to trim her fur to make her look younger and neater. (You sounded really like one of those professional fashion hairstylist!) None of the pet groomers whom we have visited in the past has ever gave us any heads-up on what they are going to do with Bubble or how they were going to groom her or which areas requires more trimming, etc.

Another part that we love about Bubbly-petz is the environment; clean and simply renovated with many glass panels which allowed us to view how the grooming process went. Another plus point is for the small and cozy waiting room where pets and their owner can sit around while waiting for their pet's turn or for them to be done with their grooming. Interesting animals related books that you have placed in the waiting room kept us entertained while we were waiting for Bubble to finish her grooming session. All those were little thoughts that counts and we really appreciate every bit of the good customer-service provided during our first visit.

Last but not least, we really like you for not being pushy and very professional when advising us on which shampoo and eye drop to buy for Bubble. Overall, it has been an extremely pleasant experience. Thumbs up for your professionalism, grooming skills, passion for animals and 5 star customer-service! 

I will definitely recommend you those who have pets. "

- Venicer

img-20150108-wa0004-resized.jpgWe came to know Bubbly Petz when I was busy sourcing cat groomer in Singapore. It was 31st Dec 2014 when I woke up in the morning, my cat vomited hairball in our living room. He is a long-hair Blue Persian breed and his name is called Prince. That moment strike me that we had overlooked my cat grooming session that was done 8weeks ago by our regular groomer. Each time my cat came back from grooming, I will always received feedback from him that today Prince does not let us groom him today. He is angry each time we comb him and we need to arrange for another pick-up and cut his hair and comb his undercoat. That is why we always delay his grooming sessions instead we bathe him ourselves. Apparently he is well co-operate when my daughter (Nicole) showered him at home.
As I ended my work on 31st Dec 2014, I was googling as I was on my way home from work. A few groomers popped out for me to choose. Before I clicked on Bubbly Petz website, I instead chose another links to view it first. The factors that I am concern were: Location, The environment pictures, Groomer Portfolio, contact details and most importantly Cost. Out of 5 links that I had viewed, I managed to choose 1 of the shop (Not naming it for privacy). Yes, their contact was a mobile number, so I called. Inquires was asked and the earliest date available given to me was 1st January 2015, location is at Jurong area. Pick-up of pets service is available and they will give me a message which will provide me the time of pick-up. I waited.....no message was sent to me. I called the number again, the person ended my call. 
This time round, I clicked on Bubbly Petz link.. I was amazed with their website. Firstly, information are well stated with pricing clearly indicated. Mobile number provided so I called. The person answered...I asked when will be the earliest appointment to be given to me, I was told 1st January 2015. I thought its a Public Holiday and yet they are open for pets grooming. Next I asked any surcharge as its a holiday - No surcharges. He introduced himself - "I am Desmond". I'm speaking to the groomer as I saw his portfolio on their website. He told me all charges (to avoid any disputes during the 1st session of grooming). Very professional over the phone and ask me about my cat behaviour. He told me his address and timings that are available and told me he will send me a confirmation booking for our grooming session. Being a typical Singaporean, I went to search Bubbly Petz on Facebook. I was very impressed that feedbacks from Bubbly Petz customers all given 5stars. I knew I had chosen the correct groomer this round.
Early morning, Nicole and I were so excited her 2015 first grooming session for Prince. The minute we stood outside the shop, Nicole was like....."Whoa".... so nice. Desmond came and brought us in. Prince was out from his bag cage to room around to avoid any distress. Water was given to Prince and card boxes for him to play and hide before the grooming starts. Its an Open concept with no cages or leash was seen. Its super different that you can see at any grooming places. Full attention were given to us and Prince. Discussion on how do we want to cut Prince hair, eyes/ears cleaning all are done under our supervision. This allay Prince anxiety. Awards were all displaced out. Really professional in his work. Prices were informed to us. Shampoo used are "ATAS" (high-class) products with are very safe for animals. Prince smell extremely nice and refreshed after his grooming. Unlike our previous groomer (Prince will come back with only powered smell and not shampoo smell). His long hair were shaved and till today Prince is very active and alert (maybe he feels lighter with not much hair)...hhaaaahaa
Desmond advised us when should be the next visit and appointment was fixed at the same time, as cats grooming are only scheduled on every Thursday and Saturday. After payment was done, we brought Prince out with us for our window shopping. The minute he went in to his bag cage, he fell asleep till we reached home at 8pm (purring as well).. 
The overall experience at Bubbly Petz was AWESOME!! Prince enjoyed his 1st grooming for 2015. 
 Price paid= Professionalism
After we went through this grooming process, then we knew why customers are giving Bubbly Petz 5 stars.
Environment=Conducive and Clean
Groomer= Professional and Knowledgeable
Price-= Reasonable ( you will be willing to pay when you see your pet enjoy the session, every single cent is worth)
Location= Accessible ( nice food around the location)
You will not know the experience felt till you experience it yourself with you pet. 

- Angeline



The Furry Tales - Excellent Handling Skills at Bubbly Petz!

Facebook Testimonials

Jamie Ng - 5 stars - My girl has explored almost every corner on her own and my timid boy's tail is up and wagging after their grooming. Meumeu & Mafia have endorsed the environment and service with 5 out of 5 wagging tails. We love the no cage and no restraint concept!

Chuanni Loh - 5 stars - Really glad to have found a groomer who is actually really good with cats. Love that they go cage and restraint free. A rare gem of a place.

Joshua McLarin - 5 stars - Highly reccomended! Very professional and friendly. What a great groomer....will be back again soon :). Thanks again!

Lisa Lee - 5 stars - Desmond did a great job for our Truffle. We had a great time at your place today!

Sandra Aw - 5 stars - Desmond did a great job on my two ragdolls today :) thank you!

Nora P.D. Graves - 5 stars - Thanks you so much Desmond, for great job. We are always satisfied with your service. You always transform our little Monty into a really handsome westie.

Princess Pinky Lee - 5 stars - It's my first visit to Bubbly Petz. My cat loves it! (I love it too! Lol) What surprise me was there's a Cats' Lounge with relaxing music! It's soooo cool! Most importantly Desmond is friendly and very professional. My cat felt so at ease with him during the grooming process. End of the session, my cat smell sooo good and very happy too!! Thanks Desmond!! Btw, Emma Mae convey her thanks too!! Meowwww....

Phua Siew Yuen - 5 stars - Not only my boy, we love this place, so cozy, so homely. Awesome place, products, and not forgetting the awesome people here.

Bon Ami De Sahar - 5 stars - Bubbly Petz has left me a very good impression. The studio is very cozy, ample of room for furkids to move around freely. There are water station and pee tray in the waiting room, with soothing music and magazines, giving the human friends the option of relaxing while their furkids are groomed. 
I like the no-cage and no-leash concept. Desmond takes good care of the furkid on the grooming table. He is very patient with our beloved Sahar. Bubbly Petz is also against animal testing and an advocate for eco-friendly products. They also conduct education talks on grooming. 
Animal lovers, Desmond and partner, have brought on a new era of pet grooming! Keep up the good work!

Eric Kho - 5 stars - A cozy environment with 5 star service. Groomer is very understanding and careful especially when it comes to puppies that are difficult to handle. I've spent a great time watching and learning the full grooming process and this experience definitely calls for a second visit next time!

Jacqueline Cheng - 5 stars - Desmond was very gentle and patient with my toy poodle, Momo. Knowing that he is a biter, Desmond was still positive about handling him. When walking into Bubbly Petz, I was impressed with the layout with glass panels. With these, I can also observe how Momo behaves throughtout the session. Desmond survived the growling n bitting n even sustained a minor scratch. Desmond kept his cool n work like a professional even though the session was trying both for groomer and dog. I m glad a good job was done n I must say I m very happy with Desmond's disposition n excellent service. 
Words From Momo: Thk you Desmond Kor Kor for being so gentle n yet firm in handling me. Sorry for all the growling n bites. I hope I can behave better when I next see u.

Gwendoline Lam - 5 stars - We all know that cats are generally sensitive and temperamental creatures, so finding a groomer who is willing to groom cats isn't easy and it's even tougher to find one who's actually good at it. Desmond is extremely patient and possesses the techniques to tame and groom the cat without restraint. Even when my cat got impatient and annoyed, Desmond was able to handle her very well and completed the full grooming routine. He would also shares useful tip on how to groom your pet and what brushes to use etc. I would highly recommend Desmond to every cat owner! smile emoticon


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