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Studio Pet Grooming

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How is the Bubbly Petz grooming experience different?

1.      Cage-free, Restraint-free, Low-stress Environment

No more getting locked up in cages. Your pet is free to roam about our Living Room while waiting for their turns, with fresh water available at all times.

2.      Prioritise Cleanliness and Hygiene

The studio and pet grooming equipment are thoroughly sanitised after each use and clean fresh towel is allocated to each individual.

3.      Personalised Attention and care

Our groomer works with one pet at a time, which means undivided attention is showered on your furry friend at any point. The safety and welfare of your pet is our utmost priority and you can be sure that there will be no rough handling!

4.      Strict Pest-free Policy

For the well-being of all our animal clients, we maintain a strict pest-free policy. That means pets with ticks/fleas will not be allowed access into the Living Room, Grooming Studio and Bathroom.  House-call services are available for customers requiring flea and tick treatment.

5.      Feline-exclusive Grooming Days by Singapore’s first Feline Master Groomer

 “Purrsday” (Thurs) and “Caturday” (Sat) are our exclusive feline grooming days. To enhance our feline clients’ experience, only cats and their owners are allowed in our grooming areas on these days. Rest assured that your cats are in good hands while our Certified Feline Master Groomer gets the job done safely and comfortably.

6.      Dog-Exclusive Grooming Days

Grooming slots on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays are allocated exclusively for dogs.

7.      Fixed Number of Appointments Daily

No large scale, mass production grooming. We allocate adequate time and undivided attention to each individual and our grooming is strictly by appointment only.

8.      100% Positive-Reinforcement Handling

We stand for the humane treatment to animals – that means no shouting or rough handling at all. During grooming, we take additional steps to ignore any bad behaviour and reward positive ones.

9.      100% Transparency

Have you been told that you are not allowed to watch your pet get groomed? At Bubbly Petz, we’ve got nothing to hide. Our open-concept grooming studio is 100% transparent, so feel free to witness your pet’s grooming session by our stylist up close in the comfort of our fully air-conditioned premise.

10.     Quality Pet Grooming Products

We use only products that are good enough for our own pets. Our grooming products are of natural ingredients, non-toxic, safe and suitable for pets with even the most sensitive skin. Of course, they are cruelty-free, planet- and vegetarian-friendly.

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