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Our Story


It's said that a dog is a man's best friend, but many times the best teacher too. Inspired by a Shih-Tzu mixed doggy named Chocolate who owns Desmond and Maeve, Bubbly Petz is born with the philosophy that all animals deserve love and compassion and animal exploitation for business profit is a big no-no. 

A Kinder Pet Store

Shopping kinder for your pets has never been easier! We’ve selected a range of ethical pet products for you animal-lovers that do not commission cruel laboratory testing on animals*, are free of materials/ingredients** from animals and most importantly, safe and good for our pets. We also believe that kindness should be extended to mother earth and so everything from our products to our business cards are as environmentally-friendly as possible.

As part of our commitment to help end pet over-population and the cruelty of breeding mills, we will never sell animals and encourage saving lives through adoptions.

"Every time you spend money, you're casting for the kind of world you want." - Anne Lappe. We hope to inspire everyone, through their purchasing decision - to vote for a kinder world for the animals and our planet.

Groomers who truly care 

Grooming is an essential part of a pet’s life and what’s worse than having a bad, fearful grooming experience? That’s why the groomers at Bubbly Petz are dedicated to provide happy, quality and positive grooming experience for our furry friends. Our exclusive pet grooming service enables you to watch your pet get groomed in the comfort of our open-concept studio while you take away useful pet care tips from the professionals. At Bubbly Petz we place the comfort and safety of our animal friends as priorities; expect the best care from our groomers! 


We believe that knowledge helps us make better choices. Find out how to safeguard your pet’s health and learn how you make a difference to the lives of animals and the environment through our selection of useful information on our Resources page. 


* Products are cruelty-free, majority are listed in Cruelty-Free International and/or Beauty Without Bunnies list.

** Research and care have been made in our product selection. All products are free of materials/ingredients from animal to the best of our knowledge. If you do realize animal ingredients/materials in any of our products please inform us at info@bubbly-petz.com.

About the Team



Desmond Chan
Co-Founder & Principal Stylist

Many people know Desmond as being super patient and caring. While he’s not grooming dogs and cats he loves to cook yummy vegan food, read to expand his knowledge and spend time hugging and talking to his pets. You can find him on Instagram @desmondcwl.


Maeve Suar Shi Min 
Co-Founder, Marketing & Education Director

Maeve aspires to be a superwoman and is always finding ways to make the world a better place for all. Bubbly Petz is her platform to speak up for animals and helping pet owners make kinder choices to animals and our planet. While she hangs her cape for the day she loves to spend time with her doggies Chocolate & Pecan, whip up animal-free foods, brain-storming of ways to help animals and working out at the gym. You can find her on Instagram @hello.maeve.


Low Mei Lin 
Lead Stylist

Mei Lin (affectionately known as Mei) has a wealth of grooming knowledge and particularly enjoys grooming dogs. She is passionate about giving the animals under her care the best experience and so she is constantly looking into improving her grooming skills, techniques and handling methods. With a heart of compassion, she hopes to spread the word of humane, stress-free grooming! Outside of grooming, Mei likes sunsets, trees and her pets so her perfect day would be being at the park with her furry pals.


Jaslyn Goh
Senior Pet Grooming Specialist

Groomer, Entrepreneur and Blogger all in a bite-sized form. Jaslyn may be known as an "Instagrammer" (@jaslyngoh) but prefers to stay low-key. She does her best in building a difference in the Vegan community and speaking up for the animals who never got to smell freedom. Being at Bubbly Petz has helped changed her perspective in pet grooming and hopes to pass her knowledge on to those around her. She is also the founder of Souley Green and full-time slave to her Lhasa Apso, Barley.


Alice Ang
Pet Grooming Specialist

Alice lives by this mantra - everyone deserves a chance at life to live and you don't need a breed to love, adopt don't shop. Being an avid advocate for pet adoption, she walks the talk by volunteering her time weekly at Singapore's biggest no-kill shelter, Animal Lovers League since 2015 and speaking up for animals. She makes it a point to cook and bring food for the animals and build a relationship with each and everyone of them. Follow her on Instagram at @aliceahx.


Chocolate Chan
Doggo Boss

The Man who inspired Bubbly Petz. It's not easy being Chocolate, having to juggle time between eating, playing, demanding for snacks, sleeping, entertaining and giving cuddles to his dog slaves Desmond and Maeve. Some days he pops by the studio to bark orders and make sure that everything is in place (and occasionally asking for treats and cuddles). He documents his ruff boss life on Instagram @klattymutty.


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