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Microbubble SPA

What is Microbubble SPA*?

Your pet will immense in 10-20 minutes of absolute comfort and bliss together with millions of microbubbles in a tub.

“The feeling is somewhat like sitting under a gentle waterfall with water splashing continuously over your body, what a sensation! -Anonymous”

Benefits of Microbubble SPA

1) Deep Cleaning – Microbubbles are extremely small bubbles that can penetrate through the dog’s fur and skin extracting excess oil, dirt and grime, providing a exceptionally thorough cleanse.

2) Reduce the effects of aging, speeds up healing – Oxygen in the microbubbles are propelled deep into your pet’s skin during the SPA session leaving the skin supple, rejuvenated and beautiful.

3) Relaxing Experience – Millions of tiny microbubbles dancing around your pet’s body will make him feel as though he’s being massaged gently and the many negative ions create an ever happy and marvelous experience.

*Only available for small/medium breeds

Pictures of our pet clients enjoying their SPA session


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