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Cat Grooming

Why Cat Grooming: Debunking the Myth that Cats Groom Themselves

10 common grooming problems domestic cats face today:

1) Foul smelling, greasy, messy and matted fur

2) Brownish, waxy ears

3) Vomiting yucky fur balls

4) Urine-drenched sanitary area reeking of ammonia

5) Flaky dandruff

6) Blood-sucking and disease-carrying fleas

7) Long, curved and sharp nails

8) Slimy eye gunk

9) Smelly faeces wedged to the fur at the rear

10) Heavily shedding coats

It is not possible that cats can take care of all their grooming needs themselves - they need our help.

Never agree that cats groom themselves; agree that cats lick themselves.

Wait, don't cats hate water?

This is an interesting myth that has been passed on for a long time and being accepted by most as a fact. Cats absolutely hate water when they're tossed into the tub during bath. However, if a bath is introduced to a young cat in a gentle, positive and proper manner by a professional, you will be amazed at how they enjoy and look forward to each session!

(Fun fact: There are many examples of cats whom actually love swimming! The Turkish Van, otherwise known as the "swimming cat" enjoys going for swims and is exceptionally fond of water. Bengal cats have also been known to play with and enjoy water.)

Singapore’s first Internationally Certified Feline Master Groomer

20140111-092250.jpgDesmond always understood that cats need grooming care and knew that they have totally different behavioural characteristics as dogs thus requiring an entirely different approach. In 2013, he made his way to the States to train at the world’s first and only feline-exclusive grooming school – the National Cat Groomers Institute of America (NCGIA) and graduated as Singapore’s first and only Certified Feline Master Groomer.

Armed with the relevant theory knowledge and hands-on experience coupled with his belief of humane pet-handling approach, you can have a peace of mind leaving your cat with us.




 Feline Exclusive Grooming days

To enhance our feline clients’ experience at Bubbly Petz, “Purrsday” (Thurs) and “Caturday” (Sat) are our exclusive feline grooming days where only cats and their owners can access our grooming premises. Rest assured that your cats are in good hands while our Certified Feline Master Groomer gets the job done safely and comfortably.

Grooming Works


 >>> Click here to view more cat grooming works.

Products we use

We use only products that are good enough for our own pets. Our grooming products are of natural ingredients, non-toxic, safe and suitable for pets with even the most sensitive skin. Of course, they are cruelty-free, planet- and vegetarian-friendly.  Please let us know and bring along any vet-prescribed products that are required to be used instead.studio-grooming-rates-cat-.png

Important note:

  • Additional charges may be imposed for heavy under-coat, de-matting, severe behavioural problems or skin/fur coat issues.
  • For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us now.

Cat Grooming Packages

Cat grooming packages are available, do enquire.




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